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Here's What You'll Get!
  • Original price $997 CURRENTLY AT $247USD!!!     (I use US $ as it’s simpler to use the global currency rather than listing and processing all (over 100) individual currencies on this page).
  • Tess Works With You the Entire Way Through the Process! Whether you're brand new to the topics of sexuality and intimacy, or a veteran, this course has a TON for you! With the most in-depth video walkthroughs, Tess shows you EXACTLY how to practice and integrate the tools in this course. Every step of the way!
  • Six-Weeks of Content (a total of 36 educational videos & 6 digital workbooks). From helping you know how to get the best out of this course, discussing libido, desire, body-image changes, low-energy, pain, pleasure and so much more, this extensive range of videos make up the most comprehensive intimacy course out there!
  • Intimacy & Cancer Coaching From Someone Who's Fighting Cancer, and is a Sexuality Clinician. The materials in this course are a combination of years of training, education, working in the field and the personal lessons learned from fighting Stage 3 cancer. This really is one of a kind as the content has been designed by someone who's personally been there and is an expert in the field!
  • Using Neurological, Physiological and Sensate Concepts, Tess Designed the 'Intimacy Enhancement Method' (IEM) Specifically to fit With This Course, for Your Best Results. Over the six weeks you and your partner will slowly neurologically rewire your body, mind and sensation to experience greater touch and pleasure. The IEM is designed to increase your desire, but also your sensitivity. It sounds like a lot, but Tess is with you every step of the way (and it's surprisingly simple!).
  • BONUS Materials Including Interviews With Clinicians Who Work in: Vulva health and vaginal pain, penile health and changes in erection, anal care. PLUS, you get a booklet including x10 intimate activities to connect with each other, that are easy to do to keep your intimacy alive after you've finished the course. AND! Discounted access to educational guided classes on how to pleasure your partners genitals (with your hands) including vulva pleasure, penis pleasure and soft-penis pleasure.

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