"This course has been more than I expected. It is giving us back what this horrible disease took away. I am grateful we found Tess!"
('R.' - Breast cancer survivor)

Hi there, I'm Tess! 
I'm a sexuality clinician who's also fighting cancer and I created this one of a kind program to help you reconnect with yourself and your partner after cancer treatments. Together, we recover desire, body confidence, libido, connection and so much more.

To learn a little about me and why I created this course, click on the video link!

Do you feel ...

...loss or a drop in libido
...shy or embarrassed about your changed/new body
...it's like living with a friend (not a partner)
...afraid to touch your partner as you don't want to hurt them
...unattractive and you want to feel sexy again
...things don't work the way they used too, you feel 'broken' (by the way, you're not!)
...it's painful when you try, and you aren't sure how to fix that
...it's been so long since you've been intimate, you don't know where to start

If any or all of these ring true for you, then you're in the right spot!

The most comprehensive online course for couples post cancer treatments, to recover intimacy, desire & confidence.
The most comprehensive online course for couples post cancer treatments, to recover intimacy, desire & confidence. 
I've been working in intimacy and sexuality for over 7 years and I've been fighting cancer for over 3. I've experienced first-hand the impacts treatments have on our sexuality..... So, why did no one talk to me about this? Why is this topic so unaddressed?

I decided to create the only program that walks you through exactly how to understand your body post treatment and help you re-connect with your partner, with step by step tutorials for your intimacy recovery.


*** This Program Includes Over 30 In-Depth Modules + Bonus Modules Covering THE ESSENTIALS for Your Intimacy and Pleasure Recovery in Meticulous Detail from A - Z! ***

I offer a full refund if it's not right for you.
I am going to show you... 
How to understand loss of libido, desire, the changes treatments have on our pleasure and ways to reconnect with each other after treatments.

Ways to get around lingering side-effects while communicating & connecting on a deeper level for greater intimacy and desire. 

HINT: If you're in it together, you've got this
Using neurological concepts over the entire course I will increase (rewire) your connection to your body so your libido returns once again!

It's super easy and it works

A few screenshots, to give you a feel of what the content looks like:

'Connection & Cancer' is a step by step program for your recovery


Meet Tess and access the resources.
You will learn how the program works and how to get the BEST results.
I Introduce you to the 'Intimacy Enhancement Method' (IEM).
We understand how desire & libido work.
Open up some communication pathways.
& do your first IEM activity!


Discuss how to navigate life and your relationship around 3 common lingering side-effects.
Access the bonus materials, for specialist interviews!
Discuss pain during intimacy, what it means and what we can do to help.
We practice how to communicate while removing any sense of 'pressure'.
& two IEM activities!


Learn about how fatigue is a common, lingering side-effect after treatments.
How to manage our energy levels, so we can have more fun!
 Ways to manage our busy lives so we have more energy for things like intimacy and pleasure.
Learn a trick to increase our sensitivity.
& two IEM activities!


We dive deeper into understanding libido and how it can change.
We find practical solutions to help manage, when one person has drops in their desire.
We practice a communication tool for simple and easy ways to know how we're doing.
Learn a fun game which makes having 'tricky' conversations super easy, and enjoyable.
& two IEM activities!


We discuss how treatments change our bodies and how we see ourselves.
Learn a psychological tool for body-acceptance.
I bust some sex-myths/common misconceptions that get in the way of our connections.
Have some laughs, because this is also about fun while we're learning!
& two IEM activities.


We learn about moisturisers and lubricants and which ones are best for what activities.
Cover the topic of safety in intimacy.
Learn about all the various types of toys there are, and which ones can benefit our pleasure recovery best and why.
the last two IEM activities.
We finish up and cover 'where to from here'.


Interview with Dr Carr on vulva & vaginal pain.
Interview with Dr Milios on erectile health.
10 fun intimate activities to connect with your partner.
How to get this course for free.
Access to workshops by Tess genital massage for increased pleasure!
Special info session with Tess discussing anal health & pleasure.

Who is this for?

Couples feeling a loss of intimacy & connection after cancer treatments.

Couples noticing a drop in desire, libido and affection after diagnosis/treatments.

Partnerships wanting to re-connect on a deeper level, and have fun!

People experiencing uncertainty around their body, how it's changed, how it functions and want to explore this (in a positive, supported way).

All cancers, all ages, all genders, all orientations welcome.

Who is this not for?

If you are currently undergoing active treatments, or have some scheduled in the near future 
(give it >2months minimum after active treatments to do this program).

Your only goal is to 'have sex again'. Hint; there's more to it than that, which is what this program helps to recover (affection, connection, intimacy, libido and also, sexuality).

People after a 'quick-fix magical cure' (this does not exist) for their sex.

People that cannot find 1 - 1.5 hours total in a week to spend time together.


Q: Can anyone do this course? I'm not experienced in 'this kind of stuff'.
Yes! Anyone and everyone is welcome here! Everything is super slow-paced, without the awkwardness. You'll be so surprised how normal it all seems!
Q: We have busy lives, how much time do we need for this?
It's all online and is spread over six weeks so you don't have to do too much at once. If you can have between 1 - 1.5 hours per week together in total, you got this!
Q: It's hard to find a solid 1.5 hours together, are there options?
Definitely! Each week has 6 videos that vary from 5-15 minutes with some activities. So you can spread them over the week, at once, or maybe one a day...it's up to you. It's important that you only do one weeks content at a time.
Q: I'm nervous, am I going to be asked to do anything out of my comfort zone?
This course is very intentionally designed so that things only need to be done to the level
that is right for you. It is very slowly paced so you have time to understand what you are
comfortable with. All activities are described in detail before being invited to participate,
which vary between verbal, written and touch.
Q: What if I want to do this course, but my partner doesn’t?
There is a full refund policy, 14 days after purchase date. 14 days is the perfect amount of time for you and your partner to get an idea of the content, how Tess works, the program itself and figure out if it is the right time for both of you to do this course.
Q: How long do I have access to the content?
The content is there for you always, as the information included will always be of
benefit to go back to.

This includes all bonus clinician interviews, all digital workbooks and all video materials.
Q: Why should we sign up now?
The course is currently being sold at 50% off, so is currently only $497 per couple. So that's only $248.50 per person for forever access to the 6 weeks of content, 6 digital workbooks, the Intimacy Enhancement Method, and all of the bonus materials including clinical interviews regarding vaginal pain and changes in erection.
Q: How is the content delivered?
The content is stored online which you get access to after you sign up for the program. There are videos to watch and digital workbooks you can use on your device (or print to write in). All you need is a laptop, tablet or even stream it on a TV if connected with a HDMI cable (it might be tricky on a phone).

Q: Why 1.5 hours over six weeks?
Six weeks may seem long, but is enough time to neurologically rewire your pleasure and libido. The six weeks is VERY important for your best outcomes! 
*Eligibility for the 14-Day Money Back Guarantee is Contingent on Watching Less Than 40% of Course Material.
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