Hi there! My name is Tess Devèze.
I'm a sexuality clinician who is also fighting cancer and I am the author of this eBook.

I support people through the more 'intimate' struggles from treatments and wrote this eBook based on what YOU have needed support on. It's not all just reading as this eBook has PRACTICAL fun activities to help make things better. 

This eBook offers information, tricks, tips, practical activities and links you into a HUGE amount of additional resources. You do not have to do this alone! 

With over 200 pages, see below to see exactly what it's inside.

One thing I've learnt from supporting thousands over the years, is that most of us feel like we're all alone in this, and that there isn't hope for recovery. Well, you are NOT ALONE, and there is hope!

I offer support and solutions on topics such as changes in libido, body-image, pleasure, and function, how to deal with pain/discomfort and so much more (listed below).

If you're someone who prefers to hold a book in your hands, a paperback version is also available through Amazon.

What's included in the eBook?

Part 1: The nuts & bolts

1. Key terms explained
2. Connection
3. Loss of spontaneity
4. Why libido drops
5. Touching on touch
6. Communicating is hard, but it’s important
7. For my rainbow-flaggers
8. What have we covered?

Part 2: Strategies for connection

9. How to crack the communication code 
10. Tips for loved ones
11. Body changes & reclaiming confidence
12. Managing fatigue
13. Managing pain
14. Chemotherapy
15. Radiotherapy
16. Hormone treatments
17. Pleasure is a bicep
18. Sensory changes & recovery
19. Dating and cancer
20. Simple ideas for connecting
21. What have we covered

Part 3: Let’s get sexy

22. How treatments affect your sex life
23. Communicating about sex
24. Let’s take sex less seriously!
25. Fairy sex-tales
26. Reactive arousal versus proactive arousal
27. Uh-oh, where’s my O? (Changes in orgasm)
28. Our poor vajootz (vaginal pain & atrophy)
29. Changes in erection
30. Lube is life (& other safety items)
31. A quick note on hygiene
32. Sexual positions, techniques and tools
33. It’s toy time!
34. What have we covered?

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